Sunday, September 25, 2011

an epic weekend

this weekend me and 15 other students went camping on the west side of kauai in pohihole.  this was real camping, we slept under the stars on the sand at the beach.  it was so fun! we left kapaa about 3:30 on friday afternoon and got there about 5pm.  in order for us to get down to where the beach is we have to drive down a dirt road about 5 miles thru the mountains.  it was so different from home to drive in the middle of mountains and then bam! there is a beautiful beach there! as soon as we got there we jumped out of the van and ran to the water.  we swam/surfed for a couple hours and watched the sun set. here are a few pictures that i took and dont do much justice but at least you can get the idea.

 this was the beautiful sun set that we sat on the beach and watched.  after it was dark we went up on the bluffs got our stuff and made a fire to roast some hot dogs and make some smores.  we all sat around sang some songs and enjoyed our time around the fire.  we eventually went to sleep on the sand under the stars.  i got up and was in the ocean by 7am.  i dont think i have ever been swimming in the ocean at early before.  the waves were so strong! it was fun until i thought i was going to never get back to the shore.  thankfully i made it in after getting pounded by a good amount of waves.  we packed up and left the beach at noon and started up the mountain to waimea.  we went up 4000ft to the top and looked over into the mountain.

This is a snipit of what we were able to see at the look outs. it was so amazingly beautiful! after we saw everything we went out for some fish tacos and headed back to the school campus.  one of the off campus students wanted to cook dinner for everyone so we all went over to his house soon after we got back.  today we slept in till about 7 and then got ready for church.  we are going to be helping at a coconut festival next week so we had a little training to prepare for that.  then it was on to homework! since we have had fun all weekend we decided to dedicate the afternoon and evening to getting homework done.  i am a little distracted by this blog but other than that i have been getting it done! :]  on that note i should go and finish up because i have class in the morning.


  1. all your pictures are so fun! thanks for sharing - sounds like you're having such a blast this semester! =)

  2. Wow! he sunset pictures are beautiful!