Thursday, September 22, 2011


Since I have not posted to many pictures so far I thought I would share some with you! 

                                        This was the first beach we went to when we got here

                                      One of the first weekends we went to shipwercks beach

                  One morning as I was walking to class this is what I saw when I got to upper camp


                             These are some of the wonderful girls I have become friends with here

                                         This is Sleeping Giant...I will hike this before I leave

                                      These are the nice bathrooms at upper jealous

                                              This is Chelsea, also my tentie and bunk mate

                                                   Part of the view from upper camp

                                                               Me, Sara and Chelsea

                                   Once we fit 11 people in this mini van...not this time though!

                                                     Welcome to Calvary Chapel Kauai!

                                                                  Me and Miranda!

      This is a little look as what I have been doing and what it looks like where I'm living right now.

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