Saturday, June 25, 2011

summer time!

so as you can tell im still not so good about this blogging thing.  i better get in the swing of it because i leave for hawaii in 9 1/2 weeks! it is going to be here before i know it! the sad thing about that is it means that summer will be over :[  it feels like summer has hardly started but it started over a month ago for me which is crazy! Since the last time i wrote on here i have..

  • completed my Sign Language Interpreting program at Golden West College
  • worked in a Juvenile Hall as an interpreter
  • volunteered at a middle school helping in a deaf classroom 
  • went to San Diego with the Herd
  • hiked to the Hollywood sign at night
  • watched my brother win 1st place in tournament of champions in baseball
  • gone to the beach several times 
im defiantly keeping busy and still have many more plans for this summer! this is probably one of my very last summers i can enjoy without having a grow-up job and no school.  so im going to live it to the fullest.  summer is my favorite time of year, BBQs, the beach, warm summer nights, hanging out with friends, swimming all day long, camping and road trips are some of the things i love and summer is the best time to do them! i can't wait for hawaii, but i also don't want to let this summer pass by me, so im going to live in the moment and enjoy it!