Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Time

In four days time I went from Kauai to Missouri.  It has been quite a change.  I left Tuesday morning from Kauai and flew to California to see my family.  On Thursday night my whole family piled in the car and started our road trip from California to Missouri.  We drove over 900 miles the first day in 14 hours.  We stopped in Santa Rosa new Mexico.  We ate dinner at a little home town bar and grill and then swam in the hotel pool to get all the wiggles out before continuing the journey the next day.  We got up on saturday at 4am to drive the last 700 miles to our final destination for the week, Cameron Missouri.  The last day, even though it was shorter distance wise, seemed twice as long as the day before.  We watched movies, took naps and tried to stay out of trouble on the way.  We made it in time for dinner with grandma and grandpa.  It was so good to see my grandparents! I don’t get to see them often so when I do it’s time that I treasure.   We will be here for a week before going to to Illinois for a couple of days to see My Aunt, Uncle and some cousins that I get to meet for the first time! After that it’s off to Minnesota! I’ll be staying with some friends that I met in Kauai, Liana and Annika.  It’s going to be so fun! I can’t wait, I’ll be in Minnesota for about three weeks before going back to California.  In California I’ll be going to a wedding and visiting friends before going back to Kauai to start another school semester.  The Lord has great plans for me, some of which I don’t know yet but I trust in the Lord that He has his best interest in mind and He will not let me down.  Following the Lords plan is always an adventure but is also a constant Joy! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun Months

I can’t believe that the semester is over and it’s already June!  It feels like just last week that I arrived back here in Kauai.  I came back out here as an intern for the Bible College.  I was interning as the Assistant Dean of Women.  I loved it!  I was able to encourage, pray for and be friends with all the girls who came out.  I would not trade this past semester for anything.  Of course it did have its challenges, as do all things in life but Jesus was there for all of it.  I learned so much this semester!  As being a leader for the girls here I really had to rely on Jesus for everything that I needed.  God is so faithful to answer our prayer and give us what we need when we need it.  Thankfully I was not alone, my friend Miranda, who I met here in Kauai when I was a student last fall, came back with me also as an inter for the Assistant Dean of Women.  We are totally different people, the things that we do have in common are our love for Jesus and our love to be with and help others grow in Jesus.  With that  common bond we were able to work great with one another.  The Lord knew what He was doing when He called us both back here!  Back to the semester, in March we had a week of poring rain!  Here in Kapaa we got over 20  inches of rain in one week and up on the North Shore we got 50 inches of rain in the same amount of time.  It’s pretty safe to say that we got flooded.  Here are some pictures from that  week.

This is where we wash our dishes after each meal, it turned into a mud bath.

Only a few of the goats drown who lived here in this field. 

Looking beyond the cross at the mass of water that is usually not there.

This is the same Taro field, what it is supposed to look like and what it looked like after all the rain.

This is not a chocolate waterfall despite what it looks like

We all had to evacuate the campus.  Everyone went and stayed with families of the Church.  We had to cancel a lot of the classes that week because there was no way that we could have class in our classroom tent. One of  the students, Liana, also known as Nonn, family was in town that week.  So some others from KBC and myself were able to go down to Poipu and stay with them while the skies were open poring rain on our beautiful island.  Even though it was a crazy week, it was a great one! 
For Easter we had a sunrise service.  I had never been to a sunrise service before and to have my first one be in Kauai was unforgettable!  We sat out at the cross on our Church property and could see the sun come up and light up the sky and you could also see the ocean in the distance.  It was awesome!  At the end of the service it started to rain a little bit and then a beautiful rainbow stretched over the mountains.  After our sunrise service, the Church and a handful of the Bible college students put on a Easter play called The Fulfillment.  They worked so long and hard on it and it really payed off! It was fantastic!  It was the story of Jesus’ Death, the message came across very clearly.  When that was over, we had a Church potluck.  That was crazy and we ended up running out of food but it all worked out.  The Lord always provides.  We brought out the blow up water slide and had a great time of fellowship with one another despite the cold rainy weather we had.  
One thing that I learned last semester that I got to put into action this semester was seeing and understanding things from the other persons point of view.  I realized last semester that not everyone was brought up the way I was and not everyone thinks exactly like I do. Praise the  Lord for that.  I would not want a world full of people who think exactly like me.  With that I do need to realize that everyone is different and thinks in a different way then me.  I started praying to God that He would help me see things in a different light.  That I would be able to understand and relate more to others even if they go about something in a way that I would not have done.  That is ok.  God really gave that to me this semester.  Being able to understand others in that way was a continual prayer of mine and God was faithful to answer every time.  We serve a great God!  With this new understanding I was able to relate with so many of the girls.  I am generally not one to sit with someone and be able to completely sympathize and show great compassion to someone.  With the power of the Holy Spirit I was able to do that many time this semester!  It was really a neat thing for me to be able to experience.  I can’t wait for God to give me more opportunities like that to serve Him and help others grow and learn new things in their walk with God.  What a blessing it is to be serving a great God who never changes and is always faithful to his servants!  
Here are a few more pictures from the semester! 

Crusin in Hanalei 

Judith, Miranda and Emily

Pickin up students from the airport, thats a surf board, not wings :/

Emily, Myself, and Miranda

Walkin down the beach on the North Shore 

Headed to the Beach! 

So Fun!  
First day of M1s! It rained on us most of the time we were working 
Time to skin the chicken


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kauai Bound

I thought that I had updated my blog since October but I guess not.  So here it is.  I'm back in Kauai! It's been quite the journey getting here.  When I left Kauai to go back home for Christmas I was still not sure what the Lord had planned for me.  I was not sure if I was going to be coming back to Kauai or going to stay somewhere in California.  Because I didn't know what I was going to be doing yet it was hard to leave, I didn't know if I was saying buy or see you soon to Kauai and the people here.  It was so nice to see my family and friends when I went home.  I was still praying and seeking what the Lord had for me because I still didn't know.  I felt like the Lord wanted me back in Kauai but I didn't know exactly what that looked like yet.  After Christmas I got a full time interpreting job at a kindergarden.  After my second day working there I found out that I was going to be coming back to Kauai, and I was going to be coming back in 13 days.  I was offered an internship to help bridge the school and the Church more and also to be there for all of the girl students.  So I told my job I wouldn't be able to work much longer and they were gracious enough and were okay with it.  I booked a flight and came out to Kauai.  God is never in a rush, but when He calls you somewhere you better be ready.  I got here Thursday afternoon and by Thursday evening I was at a women's prayer retreat with the ladies of Calvary Chapel Kauai.  It was a good way to start off my time here.  I will be vary busy getting ready for all the students to come in about 10 days and am excited for them to get here.  I'm here in Kauai and totally feel Gods peace and know that this is where I am supposed to be right now.  I bought a one way ticket and am not sure when I will be going back to California.  I am here doing the Lords work and am so happy to be here.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would remember me in your prayers.  Here are some things that you could be praying for:
Figuring out exactly what are roles are here at the school
That there would be unity in the school especially with the girls
That I would be able to find a job or somehow support myself financially
That the Lord would provide me with a car because I don't have the means to buy one
That I would continue to grow my relationship with the Lord